Friday, 19 April 2013

Between Konapun and Tamiya , between boys and girls

I thought when we grew up , there's will be no difference in hobby between boys and girls , but of course that was a false perception . Men and women will never be the same , boys like something hard and strong while girls like something pretty and soft (usually). Sesuai dengan fitrah yang diciptakan untuk menyempurnakan antara satu sama lain , manusia hidup dengan prinsip ini , bukankah perbezaan itu merupakan satu bentuk keserasian ?. 

And here we go on one fine day when I found this fun and exciting Konapun - an awesome Japanese toy that lets you make ultra-realistic miniature fake food.Visit their website here :

There's a many sets of Konapun you can search on youtube , varities of food and flavour , certain can be eat (edible) and certain cannot be eat  (inedible). Really suitable for a little girl to start her first kitchen , even I who will turn 18th this year cannot resist the charm of this brilliant toy. Japan sure really like to minimize the size of everything right ? It was super cute ! we can say that another name for Konapun is ' meal set for your hamster '.

Watching all of their videos surely make girls like me scream hysterically and saying ''mak nak ni nak ni !! '' . This kind of cuteness cannot be resist by any little girl for sure . Bandai makes a lot of money by selling this , so better you make your own 'konapun' for your little girl using all the real ingredient in your kitchen , teach them to cook and using knife like a pro chef so they will not turn out to be like me , using knife like a pro series killer O( `_´)乂(`_´ )O

I once show this konapun videos to one of my friend (boy) , and he replied me with this

He keep repeating ''ni baru besssst!!'' to me . Yes without a doubt I'm amaze with these wireless mini truck too and intent to have one of that stuff !! He said its worth RM5K of each unit , and I was like '' yeah memang aku boleh makan lori ni sampai kenyang , tak payah makan nasi setahun kan '' . Just wait for another 10 years if this kind of toys would still be release in the market , but I think there will be another greater and sophisticated toys in the future , but who care ?  this is awesome !! 

Tamiya is the manufacturer of these wireless mini truck , Visit their website here :
As I said before , Japan likes to minimize the size of nearly everything .. hahahaha sughoi !

I rather like to see kids playing with the above toys than watching them busy with their smartphone and be a zombie , no live interaction and no coordination , so pathetic ...

So back to the main topic , by just watching these 2 difference kind of toys , we can conclude that girls and boys always have something difference , even in selecting the toys . Both is charm for me , canggeh dan memukau !