Monday, 4 November 2013

Kadang - kadang senyap itu membunuh

Kamu sedang berjalan mengambil angin petang di sebuah taman bersama teman kamu, secara tiba-tiba kedengaran suara seorang kanak-kanak perempuan " tolong saya, sesiapa tolong ! dia bukan bapa saya, tolong ! ", dan kamu melihat kanak-kanak perempuan itu ditarik seorang lelaki pertengahan umur " balik ! jangan main merata-rata" ... lelaki itu kelihatan mencurigakan, tetapi dia juga kelihatan seperti bapa kepada kanak-kanak perempuan tersebut. Sekarang kamu mempunyai pilihan, sama ada buat tak endah dengan situasi tersebut dan berharap akan ada orang lain yang menegur lelaki tersebut ataupun kamu sendiri yang menjadi penyelamat kanak-kanak perempuan tersebut.  

Sebelum membaca perenggan seterusnya, disini saya memberi pilihan objektif kepada anda berkaitan situasi di atas :
A) Berlari mendapatkan kanak-kanak perempuan tersebut sambil menyoal kepada lelaki dan kanak-kanak berkenaan apa yang terjadi
B) Telefon polis
C) Mengajak semua orang yang berada di taman untuk melihat apa yang terjadi
D) Melihat situasi dan berharap ada orang lain yang akan mengambil tindakan
E) Tidak mengendahkan dan buat-buat tak nampak

What About Now

This song have so much to do with us, the titled itself is significantly prompt and questioning us to take action, or at least thinking "how would I change this ?" , "what power I have to make a better future for mankind ?"
Watch the slide show, I gave it 5 stars for making me goosebumps, it touch me with an unknown spirit of " I am the one who will change this ! " Well, it is absolutely impossible if we talk about "only me can change this" everything is possible if and only if there's a group of people working towards it with a highly organized plan, you cannot be alone in this striving for better world .
Feel the passion of this song and it's video, may it give you a feeling of " I cannot be selfish"

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Some Delight

Just some photo of me and my friends at the Oval Park spend some time breathing some fresh air.  You know what will happen if I holding a camera right ? ya ... the camera will not fall down. These are some photo which mostly taken by me using mama mijah's camera (mama mijah here refer to respected name of my lovely friend, Hamizah). Now... having some awesome photo with me, I make some editing for one reason, I like to waste my time doing what I like & wanted to do mwahahahahaha .. naah it just take a few second, technically no time is wasted if you love doing what you do.EHE.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Because it's the time for you to shine

When I woke up this morning, my mind suddenly played a song which begin with this "oooooo yeaa..yeaa" and I know which song it is. So tonight, I take this grand hour to show you this Naruto Shippuden 12th ending song titled For You by Azu ... not in intention to make you amazed with the singer's voice, but indeed I want to give you some kind of feeling ... the feeling of being loved and being supported. I dedicate this song to all of my friends .. or maybe some strangers who currently striving in life, well technically we are all regardless of what language we spoke are striving in life (even sleeping isn't an easy work to do), so it is even better for me to dedicate this song to all of human which is currently breathing ..... and even me to myself *feel loved* ♥~(‘▽^人)

Lonely because the wind blew 
Feeling I realized 
That even though the answer is nowhere 
Call me I already knew 
With you that love is 
For each other
For you