Allahumma, la ilaha illa anta. Subhanaka, inni kuntu minazzhalimin – ya Allah, tidak ada Tuhan selain Engkau. Maha Suci Engkau. Sungguh aku ini termasuk orang-orang yang zalim

About Me

Name : Nur Sakinah Binti Ahmad Rosli
Channel : General Waruchi 
                 The Kid
Birth Date : 23.November.1995
Birth Place : Ipoh , Perak Malaysia
Gender : Female
Religion : Islam
Race : Malay
Nationality : Malaysia
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Facebook : Nur Sakinah Ahmad Rosli
Twitter : Seishunwaruchi
Goodreads : Nur Sakinah

The Kid's Bite - In case I need to write something more than 140 character but don't really important to be posted in Facebook and I don't have time to write longer in 'Wanted'.
Hawariyyun - My friends initiative to gather blogger from our UTP May13 batch, tapi banyaknya mereka dari kalangan tok imam, kecuali akulah.

In case if you thought I'm alien

Why 'General Waruchi ' ?

'General' is the symbolic to the power , waruchi is just a name of my imagination character. You need power to conquer the world right ? including the power to control yourself from being imprudent.

'' If everyone has the same thought , the world will gonna be bored ''

All due respect , peace and love ~ Sakinah