Sunday, 21 July 2013

Our own Osem Video

Pernah dengar tentang osem video ?. Angel Pakai Gucci yang mempopularkan term osem video ni melalui pertandingan yang di 'host' kan oleh blog beliau. Osem video pada pandangan akulah, suatu bentuk video yang direka mengikut kekreatifan sendiri untuk menyampaikan mesej dakwah islamiah dan kemudian diupload di youtube untuk di 'share' kan bersama  (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。) (betul x ? heaa).  And now, we also have our own Osem video ! . 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Page

Reach for it, reach for it, far away
Someday a new page will turn
I'm sure it'll be filled with lots of people
It begins
A long, long story about you 
- Ikimono Gakari  
 So long time no see, my beloved gen.waruchi has been 'krik krik' for a month. I'm home right now in 
conjuction with mid sem break which I consider as 'cuti melepaskan rindu' , I miss the old time when I got
24 hours a day to goyang kaki and do nothing except eat , sleep , online , eat , sleep and keep breathing. But
of course I had to go through this phase of life which we known as " formal education" , objective ? just to 
make you rich enough so that you can eat , sleep , eat , sleep with your own money ahahahahahahaha teruk 
betul cita-cita itu. Well that's another story , because I'm sure I need 721 pages just to tell about that thing.
Let's just straight to the point here , I introduce you my buddy system which everyone in UTP should have.