Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Page

Reach for it, reach for it, far away
Someday a new page will turn
I'm sure it'll be filled with lots of people
It begins
A long, long story about you 
- Ikimono Gakari  
 So long time no see, my beloved gen.waruchi has been 'krik krik' for a month. I'm home right now in 
conjuction with mid sem break which I consider as 'cuti melepaskan rindu' , I miss the old time when I got
24 hours a day to goyang kaki and do nothing except eat , sleep , online , eat , sleep and keep breathing. But
of course I had to go through this phase of life which we known as " formal education" , objective ? just to 
make you rich enough so that you can eat , sleep , eat , sleep with your own money ahahahahahahaha teruk 
betul cita-cita itu. Well that's another story , because I'm sure I need 721 pages just to tell about that thing.
Let's just straight to the point here , I introduce you my buddy system which everyone in UTP should have.

 Unfortunately, suddenly everyone in buddy system was disappear after MAS whahahaha!
I got no picture of our Smart group (usrah team under rakan masjid authority), our sister kak yan and kak fiqa
and all of other members , we're closer in this smart group.

On 29/6/2013 saturday, My class ( civil) was having Down To Earth Program which is compulsory for us as

an Islamic Studies' student at Kg.Bali. This program was kind like an introduction for us to the community 
service activity. Students should be close to the society and be a part of them in order make the students
themselves aware of what's going on in society and continue to serve them, that's what I conclude from this 
down to earth program.

Logistic Department committee 
Yah, I'm sure all of us having fun that day, kalau sebelum ni tak penah tau cemane bentuk cangkul sekarang 
dah  master sampai boleh gali kubur sendiri .EH.

On sunday,the day after that, we're having a field trip to Lost of Tambun under Thinking Skills subject.

some of our international , they are all civilians muhehe

Don't ask me what is the actual purpose we going there because everyone has no idea of what's actually they should do . But all of us come in the same conclusion, we're 'lost' there playing water all day long like a child!.

Suddenly, in the moment I just realize that I've come to the new page of my life where all of these new things suddenly appear and say hi . 

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu