Friday, 31 May 2013

Registration day in UTP

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ...
Hey long time no see ! I'm just so excited to write within this time , my finger move like there's snakes skirting in my veins ! . It has been 2 weeks since I leave my lovely warm house and step into a new world ... world as a UTPian !

UTP stand for University Teknologi Petronas , Udang Tanjung Piai also can lah . Did you know how busy my parent and I the day before the registration ? this story of our one day journey is not suitable to be told to the heart disease patients . Did you remember this entry : Third of May Sensation ? This is the beginning of all the things I had now . After discussing a little bit with my family , I decide to wait for UPU's result as this UTP need a lot of Ringgit to be compared to public University even though it is acknowledge as one of the most prestigious University in the country (it is also known for its dynamic futuristic chansellor complex muhehehehe)

Chansellor complex from the air view : google view to be exact

Several days after that , on 14/5/2013 my father had a simple chat with Cik Ani (my junior's mom)  and ya you know how International Parents Conversation was , right ? . My father convince me to take this chance , it's not easy to get offer to UTP they said , it's lucky to be one they said , money is not even a problem they said , I'll be in a good hand they said , I'll get a very good job they said , and mostly it was very hard to get in! so if you're chosen to be one , it's not a choice , it's a must to go ! ya Allah , I really felt like I'm the luckiest girl in Ipoh (I love Ipoh :3) hehehe.

Right after that time , I open UTP online apps , called the office and bla bla bla until I got the offer letter and all the specification (the apps in actually has been close that time) . And to make it more dramatic , I thought I'll be call to register on 16/5 but on that offer letter it's stated that my registration will be on 15/5 !!! tomorrow !! I don't know what to feel that time , it's like cooking a maggi without a bowl of hot water (I don't know how to make good analogy this time , I'm in hurry lalalala  ) That afternoon , we're busy dealing with office stuff , all the document bla bla bla bank bla bla bla . That evening , I packing my things and list all what I have to buy , on that night , we go to shopping mall and running all the way to get the things done.

We successfully get the important things done that night , my parent is really a legend , I owe my life to them :')  MashaAllah. On the morning of the registration day , my big brother drove ( I proud he accompany us ) . Tronoh is 1 hour from my house in Ipoh , so we have no problem involving punctuality , you know ,  it's like "I want to take a nap for a while , tell me if we arrive , oh!! we've arrived ! why so early ?  " ..

The registration is held in Chansellor hall , so this is my second time coming to that prestigious hall , symbol of grandeur for UTP . They gave us a MAS (Minggu Aluan Siswa) packages which including bag , t-shirt , baju kurung batik for formal ceremony and MAS schedule . We then go to the Village V2C (residential college for lady ) and we're freely to choose our room and roomate ! . So I choose room 117 on 2nd floor and suddenly there's man came and ask "ada roomate lagi x ? anak pak cik tak de lagi ni" , so I without a second " ya ya boleh boleh , saya memang nak cari roomate :) " ... oh rezeki , I got Atiqah from kedah as my roomate , my impression is , she is kind and cute !  .

in chansellor hall wearing MAS t-shirt
 Bila dah dapat bilik apalagi , you don't come here to goyang kaki hehehe . So we begin our job cleaning the room while our respective parent have a briefing with UTP's administrator . We cleaning and tidy bla bla bla you know that job .... ~(^,^~)

AT 3 pm we are called to go to chansellor hall to manage our personal student's file , when maghrib come we're compulsory go to An Nur mosque , hearing tazkirah and perform Isyak (tazkirah also in english sometimes , due to the presence of international students) . On that night we're having our first Minggu Aluan Siswa !! we're gathering at main hall , this hall is usually use to perform a theater and drama , so imagine how fantastic its audio , visual , lighting , curtains system is ! really get on my adrenalin (because nerves is too mainstream) . Introduction to the MAS begin with ARP session (Activity Role Play ) where you'l learn a sort of movement , ice-breaking all those fun fun things >,< . Our Main faci for ARP is abang Meon and abang Rasyid (they're famous among us now hehehe) . Both of them can be a comedian ! they really know how to make us forget our sadness of leaving home and be crazy instead !

1st day as UTPian and there's rainbow behind , the scenery is so calm - An Nur Mosque -
We're having a movie there "The Pursuit Of Happiness " based on the true story , will smith as main actor , I'm sure many of us have watched that movie , I myself having a 3rd time on that night. so we end our first day inspire by that movie , how fascinating !.

Our Minggu Aluan Siswa story will be continue if I have much time for that (sound like I'm the president of some sort of country) I'm in rush to go to family day ! . My mom said , I need a year to tell my MAS story because I keep talking when she pick me up yesterday muhehehe. It was so fantastic , mom !!!