Saturday, 14 January 2012

happy schooling ameera :)

my sweet cousin has begin her schooling era by entering 'taska'  I guess ... Congratulation ameera ^,^ be a good girl okay (she always dance and running whenever she want =,=) listen to teacher and don't 'buli' your senior just like your kak Lisa okay ..hehe I know you will not just kidding k sweetheart . after 5 years now she's grown up , and me too =,= I still remember when her mother, my lovely acu announce her childbirth on 10.10.2008 .. yes without a doubt we were so .. EXCITED !
and because of that exciting I ask my acu to send her sweet baby's picture ... and that so .. I still keep it in my phone even after 5 years ... yes it has been 5 years ....... meera start her first step to school ^,^  full with style ..hehe

tgk ... penuh bergaya nak pegi skolah .. hehe comelnya ribbon kat pinggang meera tu .. sonok nyer sonok nyer 

feeling a little nervous ye meera... it's okay everybody used to feel the same... chill as usual as u did hehe

her mother told that she is crying at her first time but after 5 minutes , mybe she get some of my schooling spirit ( jauh berbatu send via radio wave je) she stop and begin her first journey bravely... Omedet gozaimasu meera :)
and for my acu , she feel really nervous , of course this is her first experience to let meera go on by herself , just imagine your child be guarding by someone we don't know ?????? I think every mother father will fell the same too right .. no wonder why la kan hehe...
she try to make a 'peace symbol' but end up like that haha ... nice trying cutie...

I still remember my first time entering tadika islam ..... I cry a lot too TT,TT but now my end year as high school student still I wanna cry a lot lot lot too !!! huarrrgh! miss the moment .. so meera appreciate your precious moment of schooling okay ^,^  learning is not just in school classroom , world itself is a classrom ... discover it with your style .............................................................

# acu sorry I illegally copied those pic hehe ^,^ for the sake of ameera spring time of youth huahuahua