Friday, 1 February 2013

Header for blog , a beginning for dummies

This is my first time using photoshop to make a header for blog , so as amateur it's quite ugly hehehe. After a several trial in making my blog's header , I'm satisfied with the above art piece of mine even it's so simple , know why ? because I don't know how to use those stuff in photoshop !! It's like an aeroplane cockpit for me .. button here button there so complicated and I'm gonna crazy .
But somehow I found it's a little bit exciting in using this photoshop , now I know how to make transparent background for picture hahaha the only stuff I know but still I'm trouble in it hahaha what a funneyh. So the day after tomorrow I started searching for cute doodle and anime , I'm on my way to make a cute header as I've seen in many typical malays girls' blog >,< ..  well as you see , I'm just trying to fulfill my spare time ... pity me :'(

The size of the above header is 900 x 350 pixels .No 2 and No 4 is transparent background
Credit to FizGraphic for doodle and tutorial . Not forgotten to google images , help me a lot , many of cute things there hehehe.