Monday, 25 March 2013

You're not an egg to be grade A B C ... you are human being !!!

21st march 2013 , the day where all the butterflies from north and south pole suddenly got into my stomach . This is of course make no sense if you take it literally . SPM 2012 results had proudly announce on that day . Proudly is of course a word to describe just for a certain students' result , obviously for straight A's student . How about the another letter such as B,C,D,E,F ?. Could we be proud of it ?

Well 'proud' is a perception make by a person after he/she has succeed accomplish of an aim or purpose.
So in this exam oriented education system , for every SPM candidates , they are of course wanted to get and asked to get straight A's , that is the ultimate aim that every candidate cannot resist . The definition of the 
word 'proud' in this case is when one succeed to get a lot of A's and give no chance to B,C.D.E and F is of course impossible. So the word 'proud' is measure by the definition created by a society , So if one is out of 
this measurement , they said to be worth no praise and forbidden to be proud of themselves. 

We are fear of this situation , we of course wanted to get the best of the best  , so that we ourselves , our parents , our teachers and whole of the world could be proud of us. 

I know this girl who really desire to get straight A -9A- . Even she realize that she hadn't give the best of what she got on examination day . In every pray , in every monologue of herself ,  She will said '' oh my lord, I really really really really really wanted to get this 9A's , I cannot lose to my sister and my very known as genius cousin . I have to make it no matter what . I'm the straight A's student ! that was a sure ! . ''

The night before the result was announce , she as usual laid down on her bed and begin the monologue with her inner self. The night get darker and darker , all the lamps were switched off and everybody were asleep . That girl still laid on her bed and this time the dark and silence of the night make her inner self arise and begin a dialogue with another 'self' she had. This phenomenon is of course still called as 'monologue' but as muslim I believe , Allah is in every voice make by one's heart . She suddenly felt calm and her pure conscience reach out of her mind .
Her deep heart said  ''oh my lord , why did I proudly said I'm the true believers of you but in the same time I cannot accept the fate created by you ? oh my lord I'm happy and ready to accept what ever comes in my life as i knew you are all behind what happen. I believe you know the best for me . If tomorrow the paper said I'm not the straight A's student , I will accept that fate and go on , because I know you will give the best for me , how could I oppose the best thing given to me ? I'm surely an idiot then ... ''

Expected to get straight A's , wanted so bad to get straight A's , and not getting straight A's , one will still alive , so that the girl . She was a little sad but her proud was bigger . She proud that she has surpass maybe one of the most toughest exam in the life ... to accept your failure and go on .

Proud , sometimes it comes when you know you are worth of it . Don't put a measurement to your happiness , you don't need a reason to be happy , just be happy.
Everything happen in your life , whether you get what you want of not , both is a test to you , be grateful and keep going on.

'' If tomorrow the paper said I'm not the straight A's 
student,  I will accept that fate and go on , because I know 
you will give the best for me , how could I oppose the 
best thing given to me ? ''