Monday, 16 July 2012

today is my lovely sister's bufday!!!!!!! trololo trololo

yah as u see the title ... today monday 16th July is my sister bufdaaaaay!!!!! and we almost forget about that heeee >.< sorry sis that because we're buzy making our stomach fulled .okay lets story about this girl whose I call 'trolololo sister' hahaha just because she...erk myself actually like to call her like that .. SUKATI LA kakak aku bkn kakak hangpa hehehe.

this's for u sis.....for being nice (muhehe)

she is the third from four of us , still single and doesn't have an intent to have a malaysian boyfriend because she only dream of edward cullen (aheeeek hehehe I just kidding ...lek sis dont sue me XD) adorable figure , tough , terer , tomei , tecik .. errrr *sweating*

actually I adore her ..really . who doesn't long for a brilliant sister like her ? and I admit that I'm jealous with her brutality in math (brutality here means totally awesome! hehe) she got an excellent result in SPM that make she worth to further her study in medic...and oneday become a fantastic doctor!!! (aminnn) so sis..can I get a free treatment from u??? what? if only I being nice to u ? .... ottey >,<

and almost like every teen girls and women nowadays ... my sister cannot be excepted from the madness of korean drama (myself too >,<) and we all know when she back home (mostly once for a month) .... only 2 kinds of entertainment she would like or pleasant to watch , that is ~ korean drama and japan anime~ lain-lain? buat halwa mata je tgk mcm tgk iklan kuikui.

her bufday kek this year. ATA is her nickname in our family . we pronounce it as 'ata ata ata ata' just like  the sound make by bruce lee when he punch somebody. (nice way to get a punch from her  too)

my bro yg belikan kek tu malam-malam kul 11 gitu bila emak ku baru teringat perihal anniversary beliau kihkih....

sis...when we both grown up be an adult , I hope I still can lay beside you and see u laugh on ur favorite korean program ... 

and honestly I'm grateful for having u as my sister ... you're unique one. alhamdulillah. and and and I wanna be like u!!! emotionless and genius! superb.

last but not least (ewah mcm essay bi lak) lovey dovey dovey oo oo oo lovey dovey dovey oo oo oo MUAHAHAHA! 

happy bufday to you my sis.all the best for you.may all your dream come true a great doctor and great person happy as usual u are because I like to see ur smile.may all bless all of us and guide us ^,^ 
love you