Monday, 26 December 2011

still remains....still like we were once .

how can I describe 'friend' ? its too difficult to describe it  with just  a word , we can't define it just with one clause of verse , but surely it exist . when you lost it once then you know how precious it is ........ friendship its the bond that you built without you realize it ,  x perlu akad utk memulakan persahabatan , x perlu membayar yuran bulanan utk berkawan , x perlu sijil utk membuktikan persahabatan.... its happen right after we know each other . and once we built that bond , there's no way to break it off,  even if you forget that person , mad at that person , hate that person .... still the past you have the memories of being that person friend ....... and let it be forever .... the bond that never crap... it is friendship.

tetiba teringat balik masa zmn pra PMR dulu , form1-3 , aku dgn bebudak tu . budak2 yg aku blh katakan klau ko tension dpt semua E pun tension ko blh hilang bila layan kebiulan diorg . the person that always give me that warm smile when I mad ... the person that always ready to share their sorrow and happiness .. the person that ready to borrow their shoulder if I need it ...the friend that never give up to cheer me when I down . org2 kanan aku , org kuat S , my best gang , the best I ever had . Nor Shuhada Akma Bt Thaha , Norazlina Bt Md Isa , Farah Zieha Bt Mohd Fadzil , Fairus Awatif Bt Ahmad termizi , Salsabila Bt Ahmad Sis , my lovely Hafiza Nadia Bt Mohd Kamel , and still remain by my side Norfarahin Bt Mohd Zubir and Nur Ifatin Bt Bahrudin  ( perlu ke aku bagi no Ic diorg skali .. well aku stalker bertauliah terbaek tau x ) 
aku edit sendiri ni (bangger2 .. huhu riak)
Hari ni habis lps rindu aku .. makan lelahap dgn diorg kat tempat kegermaran diorg le apalagi  , the best thing bila aku dtg dgn tetiba tampar bahu shu (aku kan suka tampar diorg huhu) pastu diorg ckp kuat2 'dia x pernah berubah' aaaah .. indahnya ayat tu bagi aku... aku x nak berubah dari syg korang okay .. let's pray for it . semua dah makin berisi duduk asrama (bahagia la tu) pastu dok kata aku dah kurus ..amboi tau x aku duduk rumah makan tido makan tido je.... gaya shu cerita mmg x penah berubah pon , gempak sekali dgn mimik muka  , layak dah jadi pembaca berita TV siaran tergendala.. weh shu ko tau dlm sebulan tu ada la sekali aku asyik mengadu kat farahin ..'weh aku rindu anak thaha la'... kdg2 klau lapar ..'weh aku rindu nak makan karipap thaha' ..ko rasa aku nazak tak ? ... menggamit memori lak bila jalan kat lorong2 kedai dpn tu , selalunya lps sekolah masa form 3 tu selalu la jugak buang duit buang tenaga berjalan dari sekolah ke situ ..panas2 lak tu , yg fiza , shu , sal dgn blazer diorg ..fullamak mmg terseksa batin aku tgknya... skrg dah x blh buat dah... x de org kuat , klau nak pegi kena pegi sesorang ..huaarrgh!!! mna korang ni ha ?? ok aku x mintak korang pindah sni balik hehehe.. saje emo.

dulu2 klau buat nakal x takut sgt pon...tau ada org blh backup kat belakang . nak buat drama , choir , or making your class a war zone ..sukati lerrr huhu... skrg tinggal 2 org je la pon yg blh support aku yg mna paras BMI  terlebih ni .... 
In our life we are taught to accept the appearance and the separation , make used of them, so that we can be strong friend.... mula2 bulan pertama form4 tu mmg berat gila rasa hati ..org2 kuat dah x de , rasa x de semangat nak pergi sekolah ... but once I think it back ... friend come and gone , there's a many around you wait for you to welcome them as your friend, they always welcome you ........ bila aku tgk muka org2 baru dlm kelas tu aku rasa.. .. YES this is the time to start with them ! I'm ready !... I bring my old bond with me while pick up the new one .. because that is the life . I've learn a lot now ... thank you my friend.
nak ini utk kita2 tau.... utk kwn2 alam remaja gila bayang (I mean form 4-5) .. dgr la dulu skrg sebelum dipaksa dgr lps habis SPM

anggap je la aku yg nyanyi tu kan ^,^

kalau korang blh menangis baca translation sambil dgr instrumental dia , your heart is same with me la.. I'm crying ....

Looking back on the footprints I’ve left and I started 
Thinking “Where am I now?”
I scooped up the dead leaves in my arms
And drew my dreams on the autumn window with my numb fingertips

I have wings but I can’t fly
I’m afraid of being alone, for it’s too painful
We’re leaving behind those days of cuddling in the gentle sun
And walking on to our lonely dreams

Goodbye isn’t a sad word
It’s a yell that connects us to our respective dreams
I’ll hold the days we spent together in my heart
And fly towards my own sky.

Why do we get impatient for an answer?
And search for an answer in darkness so deep that we get lost in it?
When we have the tears and straightforward smiles
Of just loving someone, right here?

When it comes to our real selves, we get off track, get confused
And think it’s made up by other people’s words
We’ll take hold of our natural weakness and the strength to face it
And start running to tomorrow for the first time

Maybe every time we say goodbye to someone
We can change, we can become stronger
Even if we take off to different skies
This love won’t stop it still remains in my heart

Ever since I realized there’s no such thing as eternity
The day we laughed together, and the day we sang together
Has been strongly and deeply carved into my heart
That’s why you, that’s why we
Aren’t anybody else, can’t be beaten by anyone
We raised our voices and promised that we’d live our lives our way
Each of us chose our own path

Goodbye isn’t a sad word
It’s a yell that connects us to our respective dreams
Until we meet again someday
I won’t forget this pride, my friend, into the sky

We have a word that we share
It’s a yell that connects our voices, one heart to another
I’ll hold the days we spent together in my heart
And take off alone to my next sky