Wednesday, 30 May 2012

mari bermain dengan krayon ..hehe

The saddest thing about me is , I don't know how to use color pencils , oil pastels , water colors and all those thing correctly .Correctly here means skillfully until it can be use to create an amazing art just like leornardo da vinci do >,< hehehe what a fish.

to make a story , yesterday there's suddenly a spirit came for me to decorate a wall in front of my study table...I've plan to make a motivation quote and paste it on a wall (this technique is actually help me a lot by giving me an inspiration when I do my study , kata-kata berbunga , ayat-ayat cinta gitu ha) you should try one and paste it on something that you used to look at everyday a fridge ^,^ or on your tv .... I guarantee your mom will kick you out of house then :) smile.... 

so because of that I opened my decorating cupboard and start seek for a happiness....erk sorry I mean color paper , sugar paper , ribbon , wrappers and whatever thing that can be use  to make my wall happy >,<(it will get its own dress soon hehehe)

and that suddenly I found my oil pastels !!!! I've bought this 2 years ago but it still hasn't use yet .... what a waste because of that day is so bright and it shine my cheerful heart , I take it out and stain an A4 paper with it....uwaaah... seronok juga hehehe... but...erm I think something not right here... I've oil pastel , my cutie little finger , heart full of passion and a brain full with imagination .... so apa yg kurang ? aaaaaaaa! DRAWING PAPER! ... where can I find a piece of drawing paper right now?.... 
and that so I post this on my fb class group..... thehehehe gedik

I HOPE I HAVE A PIECE OF DRAWING PAPER RIGHT NOW... seek for something else but fortunately found my oil pastels (x pe nah guna pun , pandai beli je)don't know how to use it because I spent my childhood by busy thinking about 'how to dominate the world' ~,~ honestly , I want to use it and making an art which can melt my mom's heart when she back home <----- ''what happen to my daughter when I'm not around???''... ~maybe~ sapa ada kertas lukisan ? nak ^,^

ooopsss...until then I remembered that I've drawing block that I bought 3 years ago ^,^ hahaha see see... semakin meningkat dewasa dah tak guna bende-bende cenggitu dah... simpan lama-lama sampai jadi habitat lipas.
okay all are in position! lets go...
before some tutorials from heaaa semangat...
first phase...sebenarnya pasu bunga tu nak buat buah pear tapi x jadi lengkung dia..tu yg kreatif sgt tukar jadi vase hahaha...look at my finger. gosok-gosok-gosok
last phase..... background

not bad for an amateur ...... XD

poaaas hati

bajet artis hahahahhaha!! doi la

The point here is ... we have to activate both side of our brain to achieved a complete function of brain :)

know what ? 90% of  our school syllabus make us use left brain more than right brain like mathematics , and science subject . so how can we activate both side of our brain if we're not practically use both of them ??? easy.... THINK MORE IMAGINE MORE

someone ask me how can we increase our IQ level...nah I don't know whether activate these two side of brain can increase our IQ but there's possibility hehehehe... 

and more...I'm tired filled my brain with logic and numbers..its time to play with my imagination and write it on paper hehehehe...

so why not you join me ? ^,^ lets the crayon dance on paper!!!